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William Morris Hare Tapestry Pillow Cover

William Morris Hare Tapestry Pillow Cover

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William Morris Hare Tapestry Pillow Cover

The precious fabric of this pillow cover is woven on jacquard looms using cutting edge weaving technology in Belgium, which has been the cradle of tapestry weaving since the 15th century. The jacquard technology allows us to reproduce the finest details in the most vibrant colours and colour shades. All pillow covers are hand finished in our ateliers. - Size : 18”x18” - Lined with a plain beige cotton fabric - Closes with zipper - Composition : 86% cotton – 14% mixed yarns - Dry clean only - Stuffing not included

yapatkwa - art of the loom

Yapatkwa was born out of passion for textiles and textile design by Sabine and Tom who both have more than 20 years of experience in home textiles, mostly jacquard woven, an industry in which Flanders (northern pârt of Belgium) is definitely standing out from the crowd. Sabine as a talented textile designer and Tom as an experienced trader decided to join hands and put their shoulders under Yapatkwa, with the intention to create and produce jacquard woven textiles with decorative, stylish designs. We see it as a true challenge to offer an outstanding quality product that appeals to the taste of the contemporary consumer. By the way, yapatwka is phonetic for the French “il n’y a pas de quoi”, meaning “you’re welcome”, which is what Sabine and Tom like to say when their customers say thanks for offering a great product.

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