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Panier Des Sens

Panier Des Sens SEA SAMPHIRE Soap Bar

Panier Des Sens SEA SAMPHIRE Soap Bar

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Panier Des Sens SEA SAMPHIRE Soap Bar 

An extra-soft luxury bar soap, without EDTA, the traditional expertise of the master soap makers in Provence, for a gentle cleansing. Its delicate foam rich in essential oils is suitable to all skin types.

✔️ 97% natural bar soap
✔️ Does not dry out the skin
✔️ EDTA-free vegetable base
✔️ Traditional manufacturing from Marseille
✔️ Made with vegetable oils
✔️ Vegan bar soap

Stimulating Sea Samphire


Sea Samphire is a small seaside plant particularly known for its resistance. Rich in sea and mineral salts like potassium, iodine and vitamin C, we can extract a rare and precious essential oil.

Thanks to its regenerating, firming and slimming properties, this plant is traditionally used to lose weight and combat cellulite. We have chosen this sea active ingredient to take care of mature skins.

The Well-being touch : it is renewing.
The Beauty touch : its draining action acts against water retention and allows to fight against cellulite problems while toning your body.

Active ingredient


Protected in a soft and green velvet shell, evoking both bitterness and softness, the Almond contains incredible cosmetic properties. The kernel softens and smoothes the skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, its oil deeply moisturizes and nourishes.

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