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Panier Des Sens

Panier Des Sens Hand Cream ROSE

Panier Des Sens Hand Cream ROSE

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Panier Des Sens Hand Cream ROSE

A mini size, easy to put into your hand bag or to take with you on your trip to have hydrated and beautiful hands at any time thanks to the moisturizing properties of Shea butter (20%) combined with the virtues of Olive oil and essential oils.

✔️ 97% naturally-sourced ingredients
✔️ Delicately perfumes hands
✔️ Dermatologically tested
✔️ Recyclable packaging
✔️ Vegan friendly
✔️ Made in France
✔️ Made with shea butter

Rejuvenating Rose


Rose is the symbol of love, gods’ flower, passing beauty and fragility of life. Its universal and luxurious perfume (1 ton of flowers to obtain less than 90gr of essential oil) turns this ingredient as a reference in the fragrance and cosmetic industry.

Rose essential oil is well-known for its regenerating, softening and toning properties. Products dedicated to delicate skin. 

The Well-being Touch: Soothes and helps to fight against stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. 

The Beauty Touch : a real skin tonic, it is Rose essential oil is well-known for its rejuvenating, revitalizing and healing properties.

Active ingredient


All of the active ingredients used by Panier des Sens are selected for their natural or Provençale origins. One, however, is distinguished by its exotic provenance and its universal benefits.

Shea butter is a natural product issued from the Shea nuts of the Butyrospermum Parkii, a savanna tree that grows in Central and West Africa. This exceptional robustness tree can live for more than three centuries! 

From the nuts, an ultra rich beige paste is extracted, which will be transformed in butter. Shea butter has many restorative properties. 

It softens, moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin in depth. Rich in vitamins A, D, E, F and fatty acid, this skin care ingredient naturally has multiple benefits.

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